“What Was Promised,” by Tobias Hill

I still continue to work on this site behind the scenes, but I wanted to announce that I’ll be narrating Tobias Hill’s latest novel, “What Was Promised,” for Audible.com/Bloomsbury later this month. It’s an extraordinary novel that straddles the line between prose and poetry with effortless skill, particularly in how it’s structured. Spanning from the post war East End of London in the 1940s, through to the early 1980s, it beautifully explores the disparate lives of those struggling to overcome the war’s devastating effects – personal, and economic – and how decisions made, often with the best of intentions, can have profound consequences down through the years.

What Was Promised
U.K. Book Cover

This book was a joy to read; I felt so deeply for the characters that I could barely but the book down, needing to know if they were going to be alright! It brought back childhood memories of my Grand Aunt Helen talking about her experiences during the Blitz, and recollections of her husband, Bill, and his time with the Desert Rats fighting Rommel in North Africa (though this has nothing whatsoever to do with the book, rather the book reacquainted me with family members long passed who went through this extraordinary period of history).

Here’s a link to the Guardian’s review.

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