A Poem for Today

On Your Anniversary

how is it
        that when you come to mind
        I hear
you speaking
        rounded simple sentences
who quietly buried words
        as if
to steal yourself
        ischæmia’s final hibernation
as it slowly stripped your tongue
        from you
usury plunders love
        they held an otherworldly
        an alien shift
        that could bear
you away
        on petrel’s wings
        as they sung to you
over longwave
        in the Irish dark
        of a winter
        half asleep
        to a shipping broadcast
mouthing the British voices
        the guttural intricacies
of old Nordic seas
        extolling the legacies
built into their sound
        taken up/torn down
        by each new gnawing
crest of beings
        deadwood let-loose/limitless
on the beginningless tide
        you saw this
        in your silence
        and were transfixed
by it
        until the day you died

© Tim Gerard Reynolds 2014

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