Posting 2.0

Well, I’ve been woefully remiss at logging in here, and it’s been really all down to one thing… work. Being busy is a great complaint, but my job can tend to leave lots on the back-burner, so to speak.
The last six months or so were filled with great books to record; highlights for me were getting to read Michael J. Sullivan’s latest Royce & Hadrian novel The Death of Dulgath, and the third installment of Pierce Brown’s Red Rising trilogy, Morning Star. Death of Dulgath immediately found itself in the top 10 of all audiobooks sold in the week of its release, and Golden Son was named top Sci-Fi title on for 2015. It also got me into Audiofile Magazine’s Best Voices catagory for the year.
Last November I was up for two SOVAS Awards, in both the Sci-Fi and Fantasy audiobook categories. Need I say that Golden Son was in the offing? As was the great Cycle of Arawn by Edward W. Robertson — epic fantasy in every sense.
Anyhow, this latest post is just a check-in, and a re-boot of sorts. I intend to keep readers up to speed about what I’m up to.

So far this year, I have a few titles under my belt already.

  • Dawn of Wonder: Book One of the Wakening, by Jonathan Renshaw. This is the beginning of a tremedously engrossing coming-of-age story set in an exquisitely detailed world. For lovers of epic adventure, I can’t recommend this one highly enough.
  • Legends of the Galactic Heroes: Book One, by Yoshiki Tanaka, translated from the Japanese by Daniel Huddleston. To say that this novel has been influential since it was first published in Japan in the early 1980s wouldn’t do it justice. Detailing the inner machinations of three distinct human political societies, and their struggle for galactic hegemony, Yoshiki immerses you in a cold, fragile, and brutal future, where every character of note schemes to make his or her mark on great events. Space battles meet Machiavelli.

More on the way, but that’s it for now. I’m not sure when the audio versions of these titles will be published, but look out for them sometime in the spring.

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